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Overview: Project Latte’s 2012 Roundup of NYC Coffee Shop Openings

Cappuccino | Toby's Estate Coffee | Williamsburg Cappuccino | Toby’s Estate Coffee

At least 50 new coffee shops, and one lone tea parlor, opened in New York City in 2012, and those are just the ones that we know about. There’s also an addendum that should have been included in the first article. We neglected to mention Pushcart Coffee‘s expansion, opening their second branch in what they call Peter’s Field, east of Gramercy.

We rounded up these openings in three separate articles as follows.

Cafe De Cupping | Northern Blvd | Flushing Cafe De Cupping | Flushing

Part 1: International and national chains opening their first shops or extending their reach into New York City, and local businesses opening new branches in different parts of the city. At the time we wrote the first article we had hopes of wrapping it up in two posts, so we also shoe-horned in cafes that opened in former coffee deserts and frontiers such as Upper Manhattan and Flushing, Queens.

Happy Bones Coffee & Publications | Bond St | NoHo Happy Bones Coffee & Publications | NoHo

Part 2: Independent, unaffiliated coffee shop openings in Brooklyn.

Parlor Coffee | Persons of Interest Barbershop | Havemeyer St | Williamsburg Parlor Coffee | Persons of Interest Barbershop | Williamsburg

Part 3: Independent, unaffiliated coffee shop openings in Brooklyn.

Although we add new shop listings as they open, we don’t usually get around to reviewing until sometime after. The best way to keep up with openings of Third Wave and specialty coffee shops is to follow our always-updated Foursquare list, which will always show the last six months worth of cafe openings in New York City.

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