06 MAR

Ecopolis Cafe’s Mission of Local Sustainability Didn’t Sustain Them

Ecopolis | Carroll Gardens Ecopolis | Carroll Gardens

According to Carroll Gardens blog Pardon Me For Asking, Ecopolis Cafe, on the corner of Smith and Warren Streets, has closed as of February 26th, 2013. They weren’t high on our visit list, and we never got around to creating a listing for them, as they occupied the vast landscape of mediocre coffee shops with no clear mission or personality, with the added constraint of very little seating space.

When they opened, they served PT’s Coffee, from Kansas, which although it went against their motto of supporting local sustainability, made it a place we stopped by from time to time, since PT’s is hard to come by in Brooklyn. Not long after that, Ecopolis switched to other, less interesting coffee sources, and we had no particular reason to drop by there much.

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