Tarallucci e Vino

475 Columbus Ave(at W 83rd St)New York, NY 10024
(212) 362-5454
BC at 81st St-Museum of Natural History
Mon-Fri 7:30am-10pm, Tue-Fri 7:30am-11pm, Sat 8:30am-11pm, Sun 8:30am-10pm
Coffee Roaster

Tarallucci e Vino is a wine bar first, but in the mornings and afternoons, it doubles as a cafe. Their pastries draw us back for repeat visits, especially the custard-filled bomboloni, the palmier, and the pignoli cookies. Their hot chocolate is a little darker and chocolatier than the milky, beige cocoa served at most New York cafes and coffee bars, and the poached eggs on the morning menu are delicious, served with asparagus and thick cut potatoes that put most home fries to shame.

They proudly serve Lavazza espresso and once told us that “of all the Lavazza blends, we serve the best one.” Sadly, it tastes like dry corn husks to us. Luca Di Pietro, one of Tarallucci e Vino’s owners, talked some serious smack about how the Upper West Side needed some acceptable espresso and that he would provide it. But then they opened their wine bar/cafe two blocks away from Joe the Art of Coffee, which is at least an entire league above them in coffee quality and preparation. If you are in the market for Old School Italian espresso (i.e. dark-roasted and bitter), instead of higher-quality specialty coffee, then you will probably love their coffee.

The space looks crisp, with a black rear wall covered in pressed tin tiles and shelves of wine bottles and glass-doored refrigerators. A bar reaches from the back of the room into the center, with stools on either side, while a banquette runs down the right-hand wall under an angled wall mirror, and the remainder of the space is sprinkled with two-tops. The sidewalk cafe has comfortable chairs and cloth napkins. Despite the lack of wifi, some patrons use their laptops during the day. But Tarallucci e Vino has more of a restaurant vibe than a working cafe vibe.

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