Southside Coffee

652 6th Ave(at 19th St)Brooklyn, NY 11215
(347) 599-0887 Approved
R at Prospect Ave
Mon-Fri 7am-6pm; Sat-Sun 8am-6pm
Coffee Roaster
Coava, Counter Culture, George Howell, Toby's Estate

One of the most consistent spots in New York City for quality espresso, Southside Coffee is a utilitarian box of a coffee shop in a pop-up neighborhood alternately designated South Slope, Windsor Terrace or Greenwood Heights. Southside started out offering coffee from Intelligentsia but have since switched over to George Howell’s Alchemy as their main espresso. Beans from a variety of other roasters including Coava, Counter Culture and PT’s can be found gracing their shelves and are sometimes used as guest espressos or for their standard French press. In addition to the two owner/operators, neighborhood-dwelling barista champs can on occasion be found pulling shifts behind the bar.

Free wifi and plugs are provided for a customer base that oftentimes consists mainly of laptop users. Families with kids in tow will sometimes enter and retreat hastily after surveying the hushed assembly, but at other times, such as weekends, there will be many families, with children in attendance scarfing down cheddar planes.

Southside Coffee’s pastry case is kept in good supply by owner Ben Jones’ other venture, excellent farm-to-table restaurant Lot 2 across the street. Some of the stuff, such as the muffins and artisanal pop tarts, are merely sweet, with no depth of flavor, but others, such as the mini-quiche, are very good.