921 Broadway(near Melrose St)Brooklyn, NY 11206
JM at Myrtle Ave
Daily 8am-2am (or later)
Coffee Roaster

Skytown is a farm-to-table, vegetarian-leaning cafe/bar/restaurant that lives in the eternal twilight beneath the elevated Myrtle Avenue J/M/Z train station, situated on a section of Broadway that straddles the neighborhoods of Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant. The space is large, dominated by a bar that runs along the lefthand wall starting about halfway in, while somewhat makeshift chairs and tables are scattered along the right side. Walls are exposed brick, the high ceiling is black-painted tin, and the floor is unfinished wood, giving an overall impression of a bar in the frontier lands.

There is free wifi, and plugs along the wall opposite the bar, but the interior is dark enough to border on gloomy, which combined with the somewhat loud music, makes working there less desirable than other places for us. However, we still find ourselves there quite often due to Skytown’s friendly staff, simple, delicious, healthy food, and a daytime coffee program run by the folks at East Williamsburg’s Tar Pit Cafe.

Skytown’s signature dish is the Sky Bowl, consisting of a varying mix of items including for example, quinoa, green vegetables, feta cheese, chickpeas, and beets, while the morning menu offers a frittata or egg sandwich with an optional side of local bacon, a Roberta’s croissant, or miso soup with mushrooms and greens, among other interesting choices.