Marlow & Sons

81 Broadway(nr Berry St)Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-1441 Approved
JM at Marcy Ave; L at Bedford Ave
Coffee Roaster
Counter Culture, George Howell, Handsome

The front room cafe at Marlow & Sons, a Project Latte favorite, is a cozy place to enjoy an often top-notch espresso drink. They upgraded their coffee program a while back and brought on coffee professional Stephen Rogers, who can often be found behind the bar, to run it. A small handful of two seat marble-topped tables and some stools are arrayed around the outside wall of the small shop. Order at the counter and bring it to a table yourself, although sometimes it will be delivered.

Not only the shelves, which cover nearly every wall, but also the large center table and portions of the ceiling are pleasingly cluttered with a well-curated selection of high end food magazines, bean to bar chocolates, artisanal bitters, French clothing, tote bags, Japanese masking tape, notebooks, pens, and many other things. A full-fledged bar and restaurant, specializing in oysters, occupies a large room behind the cafe. Weather allowing, a large section of sidewalk in front of the shop is given over to cafe tables and chairs, nearly doubling the amount of seating available.

Marlow & Sons also have one of the best cafe bakeries in New York City, turning out wonderful, unique concoctions that vary daily – don’t miss their ice cream, served with homemade biscotti. Savory food is available from either the front cafe or the restaurant in the rear, and they offer a rotating selection of coffee beans from roasters such as Handsome, George Howell, Four Barrel, and Counter Culture.

Diner, the original business in the Andrew Tarlow empire, is next door, while Marlow & Sons’ northern Williamsburg cousin, Reynard at Wythe Hotel, also has a good coffee program, although under different direction. The newest member of the family is Achilles Heel, a relaxed neighborhood bar in the wastelands of far northwest Greenpoint, serving coffee and pastries during the day.