Caffeine Fix

149-40 41st Ave(between 149th Pl & 150th St)Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 353-3437
7 at Main St, LIRR at Murray Hill
Mon-Wed 7am-11pm, Thu-Fri 7am-Midnight, Sat 8am-Midnight, Sun 8am-11pm
Coffee Roaster
Gimme! Coffee

Although Caffeine Fix is strangely similar in layout to its Murray Hill, Queens specialty coffee neighbor, Cafe de Cupping – when it comes to coffee philosophy, they part ways. Although both are Korean-run, use coffee from Third Wave roasters (Gimme! Coffee for Caffeine Fix, Intelligentsia for Cafe de Cupping), and sport similar, sparse menus of espresso drinks and corporate-looking sweets, Caffeine Fix is not remotely serious about their coffee, while Cafe de Cupping works fairly hard at turning out good espresso. At Caffeine Fix, their name really does express what they are all about: producing caffeine in various formats on semi-automated machinery and serving everything in paper cups, even the espresso.

As at almost all of the Korean cafes nearby in Flushing, and there are many, the spacious Caffeine Fix eschews standard American coffee shop baked goods such as croissants and muffins but offers items popular with the locals such as waffles with fruit and ice cream, cheesecake, and tarts. Besides espresso drinks, they have brewed coffee and looseleaf tea. They open early and stay open quite late, have good free wifi, offer plugs at every single table, and a slightly-too-loud soundtrack of pop songs plays over the sound system. It’s a pretty good place to work except for the aforementioned loud music, and at least the coffee is from a pretty good source, even if they don’t make the best of it.