Cafe De Cupping

150-17 Northern Blvd(between 150th St & !50th Pl)Murray Hill, NY 11354
(718) 909-0777
7 at Main St
Sun-Tue 9am-10pm, Wed-Sat 9am-Midnight
Coffee Roaster

Despite the presence of many Korean coffee shops in the area, Cafe de Cupping, which opened in September 2012 offering Intelligentsia coffee, is the first Third Wave coffee shop in Flushing, and one of less than 10 in Queens as a whole. Despite not having a top tier espresso machine, Cafe de Cupping has evolved into a pretty solid specialty coffee shop, producing balanced shots of Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso. They are not remotely in the coffee snob category, but their dedication is evident in the concentration they put into each shot, even if it’s being dumped into a latte to go. In addition to Intelligentsia marketing posters and signs, the dark brown walls are tastefully adorned with pithy coffee quotes and a few copper-colored, coffee-themed paintings.

A large, modern, attractive space with dim lighting, Cafe de Cupping sports a bar and many other surfaces paneled with rough, wide-planked wood, a dark-tiled floor, and a quantity of round wood-topped tables combined in the front with wood and iron chairs and in the back with bench seating. There are a handful of plugs up front under a narrow counter workspace with stool seating. Wifi is available by using the code at the bottom of each receipt but labors sometimes even with a small crowd.

Besides espresso drinks, there is milky hot chocolate, a green tea or vanilla latte, and fairly good loose-leaf tea, while food runs to thick toasted bread topped with honey, waffles with ice cream, overly sweet cheesecake, and pallid-looking bagels with cheese. They do a roaring late night and weekend business and have built up a loyal clientele despite the presence of many other Murray Hill cafes including one just a couple of store fronts away on Northern Boulevard.