Bowery Coffee

89 E Houston St(nr Bowery)New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-5162
F at 2nd Ave; BDFM6 at Broadway-Lafayette
Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 8am-7pm
Coffee Roaster
American Bulldog

If Bowery Coffee had continued along the path they were on when they opened in October 2011, they would have remained a favorite shop of ours. With gorgeous interior and exterior design, a high end espresso machine and grinder, generally well-crafted Counter Culture Apollo seasonal espresso, and a serious selection of Doughnut Plant doughnuts, it really had no downsides other than its lack of bathroom.

These days, everything is as before, except that sometime in 2012 Bowery Coffee began contract roasting their own coffee under the moniker American Bulldog. Their roasting technique has evolved somewhat, and nowadays you can at least taste a little fruit under the almost overwhelmingly ashy roast flavor, but there’s not enough of that to make us want to drink it.

The shop has a beautiful old-timey style including a stainless steel counter with a rusted iron bottom, heavy metal and glass light fixtures, and many other handmade design details. The side walls are covered in narrow, vertical wooden slats reaching about 10 feet up, painted green on the left-hand side and with an antiqued varnish finish on the right, while the remainder of the high-ceilinged wall space is covered with patterned tin.

Seating is limited, with three cafe tables along a bench on the left side and a wall counter with a few stools on the right. There’s no wifi, but this is more of a chatting with friends or reading a book cafe than a working one, although sometimes you’ll see folks typing away on their iPads.