Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe

55 Greenwich St(at Perry St)New York, NY 10014
123 at 14th St
Daily 730am-11pm
Coffee Roaster
Niccolo, Sightglass

The newest addition to the Aussie mini-chain of New York City cafes, Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe in the West Village is also the most ambitious of the group. While the other Bluestone Lane locations function mostly as to-go espresso bars, the West Village cafe offers full table service, serving up brunch, lunch and dinner with a small beer and wine list. The front area operates as a standard to-go coffee shop with walk-in coffee service and a pastry case with pre-made sandwiches and baked goods.

Those wishing to sit down can choose between a seating area in the back or outdoor seating in either the backyard or sidewalk. While the design of the cafe is light, airy, and clean, the seating itself is a bit cramped and not the most comfortable. And although many guests seem to stare blankly into their laptop screens, the cafe does not offer wifi.

Bluestone Lane Collective serves up filter coffee from Sightglass in San Francisco and espresso from Niccolo in Melbourne, offering what promises to be a “classic Australian cafe experience.” Like many other Australian cafe imports in New York, Bluestone’s menu is comprised of a standard selection of Third Wave coffee drinks along with many Australian style drinks such as the Long Black, Piccolo, Flat White, Magic, and even an Aussie Iced Latte.

We’re not sure whether the authenticity of the menu is interesting or rather adds to the growing list of coffee verbiage inaccessible to the uninitiated. The Aussie baristas are friendly and happy to answer menu questions however. We drank an espresso made from Niccolo beans that was a bit on the roasty side but wasn’t altogether unpleasant. The Magic (somewhere between a Piccolo and a latte) was sweet and creamy and complemented the darkness of the espresso nicely. While the filter coffee is mostly smooth and clean tasting, the iced coffee we’ve had has been harsh and unenjoyable. We’d recommend sticking with an espresso-based drink.

The food menu, also Australian influenced, ranges from healthy green juices and salads to buckwheat banana bread and sandwiches. With plenty of gluten free and vegan options, Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe certainly offers something for everyone in the West Village. The trendiness of the menu is only matched by the staggering prices. We tried the avocado smash with the poached egg along with the corn fritter with proscuitto and pickled beet root.

The avocado smash was served with heirloom tomato and tahini and we only wish that for $15 it came with more than one piece of toast. The corn fritter was unrefined and monolithically sweet. Breakfast for two with coffee came to around $40 not including tip. Although we haven’t been in for dinner, we might recommend finding breakfast elsewhere or sticking to coffee and a pastry. Overall a welcome addition to the neighborhood coffee game and a nice place to sit and relax.

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