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Cafe De Cupping Opens, First Specialty Coffee Shop in Flushing

Cafe De Cupping | Northern Blvd | Flushing

Flushing’s first specialty coffee shop, Korean-run Cafe De Cupping, on Northern Boulevard, opened a week ago serving Intelligentsia Coffee, tea, and a few Korean bakery items including Honey Bread, Cinnamon Bread, and Cheesecake. Not only is it the first modern indie coffee shop in Flushing, it’s the only shop within 50 blocks of Jackson Heights, going east, Espresso 77 being the previous outlier.

Cafe De Cupping | Northern Blvd | Flushing

The cafe is attractive, dimly lit, and offers lots of seating, wifi (with a purchase), and plugs. Some of Murray Hill/East Flushing’s best Korean restaurants are nearby, and in fact, we stumbled upon Cafe De Cupping while visiting BCD Tofu House across the street.

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