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26 JAN

Lost Weekend Closing on Lower East Side

Lost Weekend NYC, Orchard St

According to Bedford & Bowery Orchard Street’s Lost Weekend will close. Has it really been four and half years? Sheesh. We didn’t get there often, but I suppose it will be missed.

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26 JAN

Jack’s Stir Brew To Open Tribeca Branch

Jack's Stir Brew | W 10th St | West Village

The Tribeca Citizen reports that Jack’s Stir Brew is opening in the Roxy Hotel in April of this year and compared the shop to Stumptown, saying it would have its own entrance, just as the Stumptown in the Ace Hotel does. Of course that’s as close to Stumptown as Jack’s Stir Brew can hope to get.

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24 JAN

Post Blizzard Coffee Availability

I’m still in my apartment and out of beans – as soon as I’m done with this I’m heading out for coffee. Here’s what I was able to dig up so far. In no particular order.

Ritual Roasters Primes Seasonal Espresso Caffe Latte | Sweetleaf | N 6th St (Kent Ave) | Williamsburg

Two self-coffee roasters, East Village shop Coffee Project reports they’re hoping to open at 11:30am, while West Village Prodigy Coffee will be open until 7pm.

Supercrown Coffee Roasters | Wilson Ave | Bushwick | Brooklyn | NYC

Milk & Pull’s two shops in Bushwick and Ridgewood will be open regular hours today. Bushwick shop Strangeways is also open today as of 10am, while new coffee roaster on the block, Supercrown, is open as well. It’s Topos Bookstore Cafe’s one year anniversary today, so I know they’re open – a good reason to make it to Ridgewood tonight. It looks like 1080 Brew is also open thereabouts.

Variety Coffee & Tea, Graham Ave

Multi-branch shops: All Toby’s Estate Coffee branches are open today except for Vanderbilt. All Cafe Grumpy branches are open. The Wburg branch of Van Leeuwen is open and all other shops should come online soon. La Colombe’s shops are all ready to “serve you a hot one.” Check Bluestone Lane’s Instagram for openings. Most shops are up. Variety‘s three Williamsburg and Bushwick shops are open.

Sweetleaf’s Instagram is inconclusive – check before you go. The Hunters Point shop is definitely open. All Brunswick cafes are open. No word from Joe the Art of Coffee – or are they just Joe these days?

Ovenly’s Manhattan and Brooklyn locations expected to open around 930am, but check before you head over, which is lucky, because Ridgewood’s Buttah Bakery is closed.

Midtown West Frisson Espresso customers are out of luck, but if you hike even further west, you can grab coffee and doughnuts at Underwest. Eastwards, you can find coffee at Ground Central. Most of Van Leeuwen‘s shops are open.

Propeller Coffee | Manhattan Ave | Greenpoint

In Greenpoint, Budin and Propeller are both open regular hours today.

Northside Matcha Bar NYC is open (and I assume their Chelsea shop too), while Williamsburg’s Southside shop Devocion promised last night to open today at 8am, but you might want to check before you head over. Nearby, Sweatshop Coffee is there for you. If you need a vegan crepe, Little Choc Apothecary has your back. In East Williamsburg, in addition to Variety, Graham Ave newcomer Charter Coffee is looking forward to being stuck in Brooklyn with you.

In Astoria, Kinship Coffee Cooperative is open.

Downtown Flushing’s Presso Coffee is open.

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19 JAN

Cafe Grumpy Opening 7th Branch in Nolita

Cafe Grumpy, Meserole Ave

According to Bedford & Bowery, Cafe Grumpy has signed a 15-year lease in the Brewster Carriage House, a luxury condo on the corner of Mott St and Broome St in Nolita.

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11 JAN

Former Gorilla Coffee Partner’s Supercrown Profiled in NY Times

Gorilla Coffee, 5th Ave Gorilla Coffee circa 2007

Bushwick’s Supercrown Coffee Roasters gets a blurb in the NY Times, with special mention for their supposedly unusual coffee drinks. DNA Info follows the same line, so I guess the unusual coffee drinks were in the press release. I am looking forward to trying the Scandinavian Kaffelemonade, when warmer weather comes our way, two parts iced coffee and one part lemonade, according to DNA Info.

Darleen Scherer, formerly a partner in Park Slope’s seminal Gorilla Coffee, has great design sense – hopefully she brought that to her new shop. We’re looking forward to checking it out.

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