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30 AUG

Cafe Grumpy’s Bakery Closes

Cafe Grumpy, Essex St

Cafe Grumpy’s in-house bakery, formerly located next to their Essex Street shop, has closed permanently as of this past Wednesday, August 27th, 2014. Although we don’t eat as many baked goods as we used to, whenever we wanted a savory biscuit, a Cafe Grumpy branch was where we headed, and we’re sad to hear about the bakery’s demise. Right now Cafe Grumpy is stocking products from Boerum Hill’s Bien Cuit, but owner Caroline Bell says there are more items coming to the pastry case in the near future.

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30 AUG

Third Wave Coffee Shop Openings 2014 | New York City

Brew Bar | Mast Brothers Chocolate | N 3rd St | Williamsburg | Brooklyn | NYC

Although Foursquare seems to no longer be supporting Lists, at least not in mobile, we still find it the best way personally for us to keep track of cafes and coffee shops we want to visit, both locally and when we travel. Not only that, it’s the best way to for Project Latte to organize lists of cafes thematically so that we can share them with our readers without building lots of custom infrastructure into our website.

Budin | Greenpoint Ave | Greenpoint

We are a little behind the curve in getting our Foursquare list of Third Wave Coffee shop openings updated for 2014, but we’ve compiled our ongoing research into tips, added them to the list, and affixed the cafe opening date to the end of each tip. Please note that we only include independent Third Wave or Specialty Coffee shops, high end tea shops or cafes, and selected others, such as the new Mast Brothers Brew Bar. We might also include a chain cafe if it’s from a foreign country or has something else amazing about it.

There are most likely a bunch of cafes and whatnot that have opened so far in 2014 that we don’t know about, so please feel free to let us know in the comments if you don’t see your favorite in the list.

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