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29 APR

Reviewed: The Bean, a Corporate-Looking Independent Coffee Shop Mini-Chain

The Bean | East Village | Project Latte The Bean | East Village | 1st Ave & E 9th St

Although their name, The Bean, makes you think they’re all about the coffee, in fact, this New York City mini-chain is anything but. That’s not to say we don’t like the place – when we want a seat somewhere that has guaranteed fast wifi and lots of plugs, we often head to one of their East Village branches. We prefer the 2nd Ave location, which has more comfortable seating, lower music volume, and more seating choices, but sometimes it’s too crowded and we’ll head over to the 1st Ave branch.

Click through to our review to find out more about The Bean.

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26 APR

Park Slope’s 40 Weight Cafe Closes But Supercollider Is Coming

Sweetwolf/Forty Weight Cafe, 6th Ave 40 Weight Cafe

According to co-owner Matthew Marks, as of March 31st, 2013, 40 Weight Coffee Roasters has parted ways with Sweetwolf’s, a Park Slope restaurant on the corner of 6th Ave and 12th St that they somewhat awkwardly shared the space with.

Perhaps 40 Weight Cafe‘s former regulars will make their way to Supercollider, a daytime cafe and nighttime craft beer bar that occupies a somewhat dead stretch of 4th Ave near the uptown Prospect Ave R station and is supposed to open next Friday, May 3rd. Supercollider will be bringing in Danny Latte as head barista, and while 40 Weight Coffee has no ownership stake in the venture, they are providing coffee, training, and all initial setup and consultation.

We didn’t take any photos, since the gate was down when we arrived today, but blog South Slope News has a shot of the front. We’ll have more information and photos soon.

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18 APR

Reviewed: R & R Coffee, the Financial District’s First Third Wave Shop

R & R Coffee | Fulton St (Gold St) | Financial District R & R Coffee | Financial District

With a prime spot on the corner of Fulton and Gold Streets in the Financial District, R & R Coffee is a Third Wave Coffee oasis in a chain and bodega coffee desert. In addition to specialty coffee, R & R brings much needed work space to a benighted area.

Read our review to learn more about R & R Coffee.

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08 APR

Tar Pit and Skytown Team Up on Coffee

Skytown | Broadway | Bushwick Skytown | Bushwick

Tar Pit, a favorite cafe of ours in a desolate part of East Williamsburg, has taken over the coffee program at Skytown, a bar/cafe/restaurant straddling two other Brooklyn neighborhoods, Bedford Stuyvesant and Bushwick. Former motorcycle mechanic Kerry Sano, one of the owners of Tar Pit Cafe, previously owned a repair shop and became friends with Skytown owner Jeff Pan while working on his motorcycle.

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